Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Legwork and Life, week of 10/3/18

I did see some mood climate improvements in the earlier part of this week, probably due to the CoQ10 and the broccoli sprouts.  I'm currently on kind of a downer mood due to lack of sleep, situational factors, and deteriorating diet.  But at least that's understandable and not, y'know, just feeling awful for no reason.

I'm trying to decide whether the effect was due to the interaction between the two new substances, or if it's literally just the broccoli sprouts.  I took the CoQ10 for about a week before adding the broccoli sprouts in properly, and didn't really see much difference.  But sometimes things can take that long to kick in.  The test, I suppose, would be to continue eating broccoli sprouts every day and then dropping the CoQ10.  Now's probably not the time to try that, though, since I'm feeling down and grouchy and ouchy.  (The lattermost is because I'm biologically female, and every month that fact makes me miserable for roughly a week.)   

I had a relatively successful week, as that goes, at least.  The student who's been doing my hair color graduated, and while I actually missed her on the day of, I did end up getting her the balloon and fancy cupcakes I'd bought in celebration of her graduation.  I had to drive about 2.5 hours round trip to do it, though, so it's fortunate it was just a one-time thing. 

Then this weekend my spouse and I saw my grandmother for a lunch and grocery shopping outing.  We tried a barbecue place, which was pretty decent.  I had fish and chips for the first time in years, and it was pretty darned good.  The fish was proper fish fillets, too, not processed ground fish.  I'd go there again, needless to say. 

Also this weekend, I hosted a very small party.  It's the first party I think we've had in this house.  (It's within the first year of us moving in, though, so that's fine.)  We had a couple friends over to watch a just-released episode of a TV show (The Good Place) that all of us enjoy.  It was pretty fun.  They brought dinner, which was thoughtful, and we spent a good amount of time just chatting about things besides the TV show. 

It's a little ambitious, but I'm hoping that maybe that event could be a regular thing.  We don't quite have a TV setup for the downstairs area yet, and may not for several months, due to prioritizing other things in the budget.  But so far Chris has been good about being okay with borrowing one of his computer screens for events. 

I don't really consider myself much a TV watcher, but this particular show was available on a streaming service that Chris has, and it came with high recommendations from multiple sources, so I finally gave up and watched it.  And it was, in fact, excellent.  Also, I have memories from college of getting together with friends, eating snacks, and watching a single episode of a TV show like this.  So I guess maybe it'd be a good thing to add to my life regularly.  

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