Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Legwork and Life, week of 10/10/18

Most of this last week was spent nursing my spouse, who is thankfully recovering from a rather nasty illness.  Antibiotics were involved, and he spent a lot of time in bed, with the room as dark as possible.  By the sound of it, he was experiencing light sensitivity kind of like I do, and did not enjoy the experience.  No surprises there.

I ran the house alone as best I could, but between caring for him and my regular work, things inevitably fell behind.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to work ahead so much on this blog, because I think otherwise I might have been a neurotic mess.  Well, more of a neurotic mess.

Anyway, my spouse was finally well enough to go to work yesterday, which let me have some badly-needed self-care time.  I spent at least half of yesterday either sleeping or doing nothing that resembled productivity.  Sometimes it's really hard to tell if I'm doing self-care or if I'm just entirely unable to work...  but by the end of yesterday, I'd taken care of a number of my chores, done some personal hygiene things, taken care of a lot of to-dos, and written this entry.  So it wasn't a full waste of a day.

I'd like to entirely blame my spouse's illness for all the falling behind I've experienced in my self-care and such, but in truth, it was just the capstone.  Other than breakfast, my diet has been poor lately, and as it's gotten colder outside, I've found it more difficult to be interested in biking.  The comfortable self-generated breeze of biking in summer becomes chilling and unpleasant in fall, and I actually don't have biking pants or shorts.  At all.  I already have so many things on my wishlist for my birthday (which is coming soon), so it seems greedy and/or foolish to add biking gear to it.  Especially now that the biking season is all but over.

Adding to that, I don't really know anything about activewear, and what's comfortable or what you should look for when buying it.  I haven't had a very active life, suffice it to say, and I'd rather not buy clothes online and then find out they're not comfortable or I don't like them for some other reason.  Meh.  Perhaps I'll tackle it next spring.

Hopefully I can start getting my life back on track this coming week.  

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