Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Legwork and Life, week of 6/12/19

This is Legwork and Life, where I track the legwork and opportunities in my career as an autistic advocate, and also describe parts of my adult autistic life, including my perspectives on everyday problems and situations.

Last week I talked about how awesome an Epsom salt bath was.  Turns out they have diminishing returns, based on how much magnesium is in your system!  Also, like any other substance, you can absolutely overdose on magnesium.  One symptom of magnesium overdose is anxiety!  Irony sucks.  I was hoping to have a nice relaxing bath and ended up with anxiety dreams for the next four days.  

Before anyone gets worried, it was only four days because I routinely take a large-ish dose of magnesium in supplement form, so those kept my levels a bit too high for longer than they had any right to be.  After a few days, I skipped a single dose and the anxiety dreams stopped.  

This is kind of the story of my life: find something that seems to help, try to use it regularly, find out it has significant limits, doesn't work all the time, or actually doesn't help as much as you thought it did. Presumably this is life's way of telling me that "no, nothing is ever going to be easy for you."  

Anyway, I'm not ruling out Epsom salt baths as a thing, but they're clearly more of a "once a month, maybe" thing, rather than a "I can do this once or twice a week and it's super nice!" thing.  

There's been no word from Meijer about the review of their store or making them more sensory-friendly, but I'm developing a spreadsheet of audit criteria using the materials I put together for the presentation.  I figure I can probably get some use out of it when I shop in other stores.  I'll probably run it by my doctor, who also has sensory issues.  Plus if Meijer follows up, I'll have something nice and fancy-looking to bring to the next store I audit.

Other than that, I've been mostly keeping busy with house maintenance and improvement.  Nothing super impressively major, just a slightly different setup for the downstairs TV, moving a couple small furniture things around, and rearranging some of my space in the bedroom.  Also this:

whiteboard filled with chores on index cards

With luck, the board will help me and my spouse keep on top of weekly, monthly, and yearly responsibilities.  Sadly some of these chore-cards will never actually get turned over, because they're on an "as needed" basis.  Things like adjusting the thermostat, resetting the clocks whenever the power goes out or daylight savings time hits, etc.  Still, it's good to have them where they're visible and easily-referenceable.  

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