Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Legwork and Life, week of 1/3/18

Happy New Year.  With luck, maybe this year won't be as soul-draining as last year, politically speaking... I've pretty much gone from "I don't watch the news, it's depressing" to "please don't talk to me about the news, I'm prone to fits of fury and weeping when politics are mentioned." 

Playing catchup from last Legwork and Life...

Christmas part 3 did occur, and while it was a lengthy affair, at least it was in the company of people that were all reasonably friendly and good natured.  The Star Wars movie left me feeling mildly bummed, for reasons I won't discuss due to spoilers.   But it was cool to see it, at least, among friendly people.  Overall it was a good trip.

Monday heralded the annoyingly long drive home, which ended up being about 14 hours even.  Normally it'd be a bit longer, as we like to stop, walk around a bit, stretch the legs, etc.  Unfortunately, it was bitingly cold and windy, and also I strained my upper back early in the car trip, which meant that moving around was anywhere from painful to agonizing.  That same scale works well for bumps on the road, acceleration and deceleration of the car, and any purposeful neck-turning that needed to ensue.  Y'know, like the head-checks that you need to do when changing lanes, to make sure you're not merging into another car in your blind spot. 

Needless to say, the drive was horrid.  I'm now desperately trying to decompress before I fly out again, on Saturday.  This has not been made easy, as house-hunting is still a thing.  I haven't slept well, due to not wanting to suffer the pain of rolling over and/or waking up when I do. 

Yesterday, I'd hoped that I might get the chiropractor to help fix my neck and upper back, in case there was something shoving my spine around could do.  I found out I was more or less grasping at straws.  The chiropractor basically okayed my regimen of ibuprofen, back massager-thing, and heating pad, and suggested cold packs as well.  That... is pretty much all he could suggest.  I was kind of hoping he could just shove my spine around and make the angry muscle quit whinging.  No such luck. 

The stiffness and soreness is wearing off, slowly, but not fast enough for me.  I am going to complain about it and whine about not being 30 yet until it's entirely gone.  I presume when I turn 30 this year, I'll have to complain about not being 40 yet.  I don't know, I haven't made up my mind yet.  I still have ten more months to decide, anyway. 

Oh!  Something I've been neglecting mentioning, I think.  Before I left, I finished all but three of the critiques for the government consulting job.  That was accidentally really good planning on my part, because the deadline for it was yesterday night, and I spent all of yesterday morning bashing my head on the remaining three.  I may have spent a good portion of the time complaining to a friend about the contents of those three, too.  Most of the content of those complaints can be found in last Friday's blog post...  But I got it all done! Roughly 12 hours before I needed to!  It's almost like I'm back in college.  I used to complete big assignments and end of the year projects in a similar fashion. 

I think the issue is probably that I focus better on something when it's done all at once, or at least in large chunks, day after day.  People talk about how it's good to do 15 minutes per day on a project, or half an hour, or something, and I just... I can't get into the mindset of a project in that short of a time, or if I manage it, I'm then out of time to work on it.  So I end up doing it all at once, and more often than not, a bit nearer to the deadline than it really should be. 

Anyway, wish me luck with the trip to (near) DC.  I'm going to have to try really hard to keep my temper when people talk about "curing autism" and how great it would be to do prenatal tests for it, and how the primary goal of autism research is to discover what causes autism.  The responses from the scientific reviewers strongly suggest to me that I'll be hearing a lot of that, if the glowing reviews of the studies I marked as "ewww..." are anything to judge by. 

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