Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Legwork and Life, week of 7/4/17

Happy Independence Day, USA.  (Happy perfectly normal Tuesday, rest of the world.)  I went to see fireworks downtown with some friends and couple days ago,  which was fun. For once, I even got to play taxi with my minivan, shipping all six of us downtown with one car.  We got a very close parking space, which unfortunately meant deadlocked traffic afterwards, but the view from the park was pretty good.

I like fireworks, perhaps surprisingly given their loudness and brightness.  I wore earplugs to the event, which I'm sure helped, and of course the colors are pretty. But also, philosophically, fireworks are basically the best possible use of gunpowder, in my opinion. Still dangerous, as any explosive must be, but the purpose of fireworks is to be pretty. Not deadly, not destructive, not intimidating. Pretty. I approve of that. Taking something lethal and making it beautiful (and relatively safe) is something wonderful, in my opinion.

I have mixed feelings about the 4th as a holiday right now, probably due to extreme disillusionment with our national  government...  at least Chris has the day off.  And me too, they can't call me back to serve for jury duty on a national holiday. Because yeah, it finally happened. They finally drew my name for jury duty.  It only took over a decade.

I documented my experience serving, which you can read about later this week.  It'll even come with pictures!

I continue to fiddle with dosages of the medical hydration stuff.  According to my doctor, it's healthy to need to pee 6 times a day or so, which is annoying to me because I'm used to only going 1-2 times a day. Apparently I've been being mean to my kidneys.  Oops.  No matter how much I dilute the hydration aid, I seem to be thirsty after drinking it. That's uncomfortable and not ideal, so I may go back to drinking it alongside a huge glass of water. 

Beyond that, I guess it's been a pretty quiet week.  Which is nice, because quiet is pleasant and enjoyable.  I can't remember the last time I complained about being bored when I had access to the Internet/books/work to do. 

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