Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Legwork and Life, week of 7/18/17

Well.  I feel like shredded lettuce.  I think I've been overextending my multitasking abilities too much... 

This week I'm cat-sitting for some friends of mine, again.  They call on me sometimes and since I have no pets of my own, it's always nice to visit, even if one of the cats almost invariably hides in the basement when anyone comes, goes, or moves more than 10 feet.  The other is more aloof and less terrified, but yesterday she spent an hour or so flopped on my stomach while I tried to read a book.  She doesn't generally purr when she's petted, but she'd leave if she was annoyed, and she was warm, so I let her flop. 

In other news, I was supposed to have a dentist appointment, but apparently my health insurance changed dental providers, and so I can no longer even attempt to use Medicaid at my dentist's office.  So I guess it's probably time to finalize getting myself kicked off Medicaid and get onto my spouse's insurance from work.  I hate paperwork and insurance and fiddly bits like the plague, which is part of why this has taken so long.  But ugh.  I strongly believe in preventative care, and unfortunately this counts. 

In happier news, I get to see Aynsley, the student who cut and dyed my hair, again later today.  Apparently the haircut I have requires maintenance every 4 weeks or so, so it's now time to get it trimmed so it's not shaggy.  At this point the color has faded somewhat, and I can see bits of my regular hair color at the roots of the hair, but I'm actually not due to re-dye my hair for another 4 weeks or so. 

In the meantime, I was promised some kind of complimentary experimental scalp treatment, which might help with the fact that apparently my scalp produces dust at an alarming rate.  I do not have dandruff in the classical sense, but the sheer amount of skin bits, fuzzes, and oil that seems to build up strikes me as unusual.  It's to the point where, when I comb my hair after a shower, I get skin and oil combined on the comb even though I've carefully washed my hair.  I've noticed this tendency of my hair and scalp to produce dust, but it wasn't really obviously terrible until I chopped off most of my hair.  There's less scalp-fuzz to hide the evidence now. 

They'll probably try to sell me a bottle of shampoo at the salon, which I'm not thrilled about but might have to take them up on, in the interests of preserving the hair color and combating whatever's going on with my scalp.  But I'll run the problem by Aynsley first.  She's lovely, thoughtful, and doesn't immediately ram product sales down my throat when I explain my problems and limitations. 

Last but definitely not least, the clock is ticking on my membership with the Self Advocates of Michigan board.  I have not, thus far, seen anything but words on the issue of the website and people being responsible about solving those problems.  The in-person meeting is this weekend, and while I am not even slightly looking forward to it, it's probably where stuff will either get solved or shoved under the rug indefinitely.  If it's the latter, I'm fixing up their website as best I can, then handing the reins over to someone with more patience.  While I strongly believe I have a lot of skills to offer an organization like that, I will not do so forever if no one will work with me to solve problems.  I have my own life to manage, and I'll do so in a more limited range if that's what it takes to keep my sanity. 

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